Skipton’s culture and community

Skipton is a very attractive and fascinating place. Due to its wider area, it provides the locals and visitors to enjoy the nature and scenic beauty of this place. It is culturally enriched and has a deep historical background. It attracts visitors with its historical buildings and the tales of its heritage.  

The life at Skipton is very simple, decent and comfortable.  People of this place remain in the gay and happy mood. They are close to nature and live in nature with natural objects.  

The community of Skipton remains interconnected and in touch with each other. They are always aware of their neighbors and the area of fellow beings. They spend most of the time of their life in enjoying the events, moving across the meadows, studying and working together. 


A community becomes stronger when the people of it remain so much aware of each other or when they are conscious about their fellow beings living around them.  So is the case in Skipton, they have so strong relation with each other and have friendly and gay nature. There are gatherings, parties, ceremonies, and events which throughout the year allow them to meet and have fun together. Also that it provides the visitors a good chance to understand the people and culture of this place.

Town events and celebrations 

A community is always known and remembered for its events and occasions which demonstrate its ethnicity and heritage. In every civilization, such local and public events are arranged. There are many of the events held in Skipton throughout the year on an annual basis. Few of the events are for locals only and few are famous around the country that people from another part of the country come here and enjoy the celebrations.

Sheep day festivity at Skipton 

Culture and heritage of Skipton are presented by the sheep day. This event occurs annually to exhibit and celebrate sheep. This is also renowned as sheep town. As it is rustic place and the major source of income comes from the lands and cattle. So you will find good and variety of races of sheep. 

You can also call it a fun packed educational event.  A variety of breeds of sheep are displayed at this event, along with the shearing demonstrations and a special spot is designed for sheep dancing which is the most important and famous thing of this event.

Along with the sheep dancing, there are other shows to entertain the audience and to fill their memories with so much fun.  This event happens in July especially on the second Sunday of July.

Art and crafts events 

There are many other minor events in which arts and crafts of people are shown and exhibited showing the artistic talents of the civilians of this place. Their artifacts mesmerize and enthrall the indigenous and non-indigenous folks of the place and inspire them to appreciate the talent and skills of the artists. The stirring talents captivate them to visit the place again and again.

There is Craven District Council and the Arts Council England which give funding for the theatre, Skipton’s events and also facilitate a functioning Auction Mart. The theatre also depicts the culture and traditions of this place by conducting acts or plays on the historical background enabling the people to recall their history. 

Notable places to visit 

The small town is big enough to provide you all the basic necessities and also it caters different places for eating, drinking, partying, having fun and enjoyment. There are notable parks, cinema, swimming pool, woods, library, and yes a notable cafe. 

Few of them are listed below but these are not the only. You will discover there many more.

  • Aireville Park
  • Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre
  • High Corn Mill
  • Pennine Cruisers of Skipton
  • Plaza Cinema
  • Skipton Boating
  • Skipton Castle
  • Skipton Castle Woods
  • Skipton Library
  • The Mart Theater 
  • Skipton Little Theatre 

Skipton Market 

Apart from other cultural and traditional things, Skipton market also chants the saga of its history and heritage. It dates back to its very earlier days reminds the days of King John. In the beginning, only animals were traded and with the development of civilization and with the passage of time, its market also renovated and now it is famous as a busy market which is flourishing day by day. 

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