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Skipton Building Society’s Community Activities

Skipton Building Society is one of the most dynamic building societies in the UK. At present, the Skipton-head-quartered organization that was founded in 1853 has over 100 branches. As you can see, it is doing well by every standard. However, creating excellent financial products and services is not the only thing that this society does.

Making the life of its over 1 million customers easy it is just of the critical assignments of Skipton Building Society. It is so active in the society that many people wonder the reason behind the resolve to make a difference by giving back.

Grassroots Giving

Skipton Building Society regards this scheme as one of its major community transformation schemes. In 2013, we launched this program to celebrate our 160th anniversary. Through this community support initiative, we have empowered over 975 communities groups. This has been a costly endeavor, but our organization has never looked back due to its genuine commitment to make Skipton a better place than ever.

By the end of 2018 alone, the society had donated £487,500 to help individuals build a brighter future in their respective communities. Many people who demonstrate some ability to use their talent to make their own lives better have been winning significant Grassroots Giving awards. And, you can join the list if you put some effort. Or, at least, the creativity of the contents and the work that Skipton Building Society does can inspire you to be able to lead a more productive life.

Sponsorship of Skipton Building Society Camerata

Ben Crick founded the Skipton Camerata in 2004 to help artists, especially musicians leaving academies and conservatories a platform to launch out their career. Barely a year later, the new organization changed its name to Skipton Building Society Camerata in recognition of the generous support it receives from the society.

The primary purpose of the orchestra is to perform classical music to high standards to enable audiences in rural areas to experience the taste that their counterparts in urban areas take for granted. In essence, the founder aims to remove all the barriers that prevent many people from engaging with and enjoying the classical repertoire. In this regard, cost or distance should not be a hindrance any longer to you in the present century if you embrace the thinking of the founder.

Skipton Building Society Camerata has rolled out lots of outreach programs to inspire young people to produce great music. In the recent past, it trained over 80 pupils from schools in the region and the Skipton Girl’s High school to sing and professionally present the premier performance, The Night before Christmas. Additionally, the organization has mounted several operas and produced many artworks in unusual venues.

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Skipton Charitable Foundation

Skipton Building Society also uses this foundation to empower the locals. Its principal focus is to distribute charity donations to credible charity organizations throughout the United Kingdom. According to reliable information on the government’s charity commission, this organization gives considerable opportunities to groups and activities that are geared toward bettering the quality of life of people who handicap, disability, age, or other factors have disadvantaged. Moreover, they give priority to creating and supporting both social and community initiatives. Through this program, Skipton Building Society is improving the lives of many children and older adults living with disabilities.

Regular Supporter of the Great Yorkshire Show

This tremendous agricultural show takes place on the Great Yorkshire Showground every year from the second Tuesday of July to the subsequent Thursday. The Yorkshire Agricultural Society is in charge of organizing this momentous annual event. Due to the Support of Skipton Building Society, this show is always extraordinarily successful. In 2016, it generated £9.6 million. The proceeds have increased tremendously given the immense contribution of the new Hall, costing £11 million, which has been producing around £1 million annually since then. 

It is important to note that Skipton Building Society is a proud partner of The Yorkshire Agricultural Society. As such, it is one of the core teams that operate behind the scene to ensure the success of the annual shows.

Final Thoughts

Any credible organization that is highly vibrant knows the secret of being useful to the community. Skipton Building society has mastered this art. From being brilliant at fundraising to giving up its times for essential causes, this society has demonstrated that it is focused on creating a world where no one is left behind. And this is in part the reason for its invariable success in the financial market.