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Skipton’s culture and community

Skipton is a very attractive and fascinating place. Due to its wider area, it provides the locals and visitors to enjoy the nature and scenic beauty of this place. It is culturally enriched and has a deep historical background. It attracts visitors with its historical buildings and the tales of its heritage.  

The life at Skipton is very simple, decent and comfortable.  People of this place remain in the gay and happy mood. They are close to nature and live in nature with natural objects.  

The community of Skipton remains interconnected and in touch with each other. They are always aware of their neighbors and the area of fellow beings. They spend most of the time of their life in enjoying the events, moving across the meadows, studying and working together. 


A community becomes stronger when the people of it remain so much aware of each other or when they are conscious about their fellow beings living around them.  So is the case in Skipton, they have so strong relation with each other and have friendly and gay nature. There are gatherings, parties, ceremonies, and events which throughout the year allow them to meet and have fun together. Also that it provides the visitors a good chance to understand the people and culture of this place.

Town events and celebrations 

A community is always known and remembered for its events and occasions which demonstrate its ethnicity and heritage. In every civilization, such local and public events are arranged. There are many of the events held in Skipton throughout the year on an annual basis. Few of the events are for locals only and few are famous around the country that people from another part of the country come here and enjoy the celebrations.

Sheep day festivity at Skipton 

Culture and heritage of Skipton are presented by the sheep day. This event occurs annually to exhibit and celebrate sheep. This is also renowned as sheep town. As it is rustic place and the major source of income comes from the lands and cattle. So you will find good and variety of races of sheep. 

You can also call it a fun packed educational event.  A variety of breeds of sheep are displayed at this event, along with the shearing demonstrations and a special spot is designed for sheep dancing which is the most important and famous thing of this event.

Along with the sheep dancing, there are other shows to entertain the audience and to fill their memories with so much fun.  This event happens in July especially on the second Sunday of July.

Art and crafts events 

There are many other minor events in which arts and crafts of people are shown and exhibited showing the artistic talents of the civilians of this place. Their artifacts mesmerize and enthrall the indigenous and non-indigenous folks of the place and inspire them to appreciate the talent and skills of the artists. The stirring talents captivate them to visit the place again and again.

There is Craven District Council and the Arts Council England which give funding for the theatre, Skipton’s events and also facilitate a functioning Auction Mart. The theatre also depicts the culture and traditions of this place by conducting acts or plays on the historical background enabling the people to recall their history. 

Notable places to visit 

The small town is big enough to provide you all the basic necessities and also it caters different places for eating, drinking, partying, having fun and enjoyment. There are notable parks, cinema, swimming pool, woods, library, and yes a notable cafe. 

Few of them are listed below but these are not the only. You will discover there many more.

  • Aireville Park
  • Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre
  • High Corn Mill
  • Pennine Cruisers of Skipton
  • Plaza Cinema
  • Skipton Boating
  • Skipton Castle
  • Skipton Castle Woods
  • Skipton Library
  • The Mart Theater 
  • Skipton Little Theatre 

Skipton Market 

Apart from other cultural and traditional things, Skipton market also chants the saga of its history and heritage. It dates back to its very earlier days reminds the days of King John. In the beginning, only animals were traded and with the development of civilization and with the passage of time, its market also renovated and now it is famous as a busy market which is flourishing day by day. 

Why living in Skipton is the best?

UK’s happiest city, Skipton is the place that is best and extremely suitable for living in. Away from the sophisticated, and busy, yet, crowded and congested life of the industrial and commercial city, it is the best place to live, earn and enjoy. The rustic life of Skipton is appropriate for such people who love nature and are close to nature. They breathe in the fresh air, walk in the grounds, meadows, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The life in Skipton is different than other cities in the UK. It is idealized by many of the people who live there.  

Rural life at Skipton

Skipton is a beautiful, exquisite and fascinating rustic place. It is good for those who want to visit landscapes and enjoy the view of nature so closely. People from all over the country and world at large come and visit this beautiful place and visualize the green landscapes, traditional church, historical castle, and its famous canal.

It provides the iconic rustic scene. The city is constructed artistically and stands as one of the best places to be visited.

It is a good blend of urban and rural life. Visitors feel comfortable and relax in the presence of greenery of landscapes and also have access to markets and restaurants which provides them with all the essentials of their lives which are lacking in other rural and urban areas.

Get the most from this place, as it is good to spend most of your life here. It has amazingly constructed houses which are well furnished and contains all the required facilities. Gardens and the beautiful green scenic views appeal to the locals and visitors alike. School, colleges, offices, and market are available in the small town.

 You can have all the things you want at a single town and you do not need to move to metropolitan cities since this town is developing and providing good education and job opportunities to its locals. 

Career and Job opportunities

Since it is in the countryside but it is found that people are contented and happy. There are a lot of job opportunities over there. Although there are no big factories and industries yet there are markets, restaurants, pubs, play lands, church, and many historical places. Apart from these, there are other workplaces and opportunities at high streets.

From the survey, it is found out that the unemployment ratio is very low and people are satisfied by their earnings which are enough for their living by.

Skipton’s High street

Skipton is a busy market town and its high street is one of the award-winning high streets of the UK. There are a lot of shops. There are private and public shops. The style and architecture of high street give the traditional look and it is worth visiting for the historians and those who praise and appreciate nature.  

People of Skipton

Skipton is the best place to live in and visit most probably because of the people of this place. This place is more populous for its hospitality as compared to the southern side of Yorkshire. All the people remain conscious of each one and the happenings of their lives. 

People in metropolitan cities never bother about the happenings even of their neighbours but here if no one knows you, still you will be noticed and for sure they will support you.  

Climate of Skipton

The climate of Skipton is pleasant and temperate. It is very cold in the months from December to February and cold from March to May and from October to November. Its climate is warmer comparatively in summer from May to August but not that much as it rains off and on. Not only the visitors but also the locals enjoy the weather and you can see the exuberance among the people of Skipton when it rain. It is the common perception about this place is that it look magnificent and beautiful during the rain. The visitors must visit this place when there are chances of rainfall to add more thrill and exuberance to their tour. This countryside is worth seeing and best to live in, really welcoming with its traditional look and architecture.

Sarah is our Grassroots Giving photography winner!

Bowling alley manager and keen photographer Sarah Peet has been announced as the winner of a national photography competition which searched for amateur talent.

Skipton Building Society called for photographers across the country to capture images of the community groups that were awarded £500 funding from its Grassroots Giving scheme in 2015.

Entries were received nationwide, showcasing the winning groups and their fantastic contribution to work being carried out in communities throughout the UK. The incredibly high standard of this year’s entries made the judging process tough for the panel which included last year’s winner, Hull-based Angela Baker who said: “Sarah’s photograph really captured the moment as well as being composed perfectly.”

Sarah lives in Cromford, Derbyshire, and works at Sheffield’s Hollywood Bowl. Her winning entry was taken at Woodseats Allotment Society, Sheffield, and managed to capture the essence of the type of work which goes on there and her winning photo has earned her a £200 gift voucher, as well as exposure on Skipton’s Grassroots Giving website and throughout their various social media channels.

The winning photograph shows Sarah’s children Alexandria Peet (9) and Evelyn Peet (6) and their 5-year-old cousin Edward Hodgson.

The Society hopes that through this competition they can also help to raise the profile of local photographers and showcase their talent.

Sarah said: “What a wonderful surprise to see my image had won!  The children are delighted. The team at Woodseats allotments has worked so hard to turn an overgrown and derelict plot into a community orchard and picnic spot. It was a pleasure to work with the group and capture some images on a wet and muddy weekend.

“I’m so pleased the judges felt the image captured the spirit of Grassroots Giving, which is a wonderful initiative helping small local communities to help each other.”

PICTURE: Helping to clean up at Woodseats allotments is Alexandria Peet (9) and her sister, Evelyn (6), and their 5-year-old cousin Edward Hodgson.

Skipton’s Mayor Backs Grassroots Giving

Last Friday, 28th June saw an unusual addition to Skipton Town Centre as a pop up living room took pride of place on Skipton High Street and the sofa even proved an attraction for Skipton’s Mayor, John Kerwin-Davey as he stopped by to chat about Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving Appeal and met some of the local community groups who had already applied.

We launched our Grassroots Giving programme as part of our 160th anniversary celebrations, providing 160 pots of £500 to groups nationwide who go the extra mile for others in their communities. With only a month to go until closing date for entries, we were keen to ensure local groups were aware of the initiative and are getting their applications in.

Skipton Radio also came down to support the event, interviewing some of the current shortlisted groups to find out about their stories and help inspire others to apply.

Representatives who came along on the day included Skipton based Embasy with Eastby Community Library who particularly work to support the elderly and want to expand their services to help teach visitors how to use computers and the internet: Shipley based Hirst Wood Regeneration Group who are looking for funding to transform a litter-strewn patch of bogland into a nature reserve; Friends of Middleton & Ickornshaw, a community group solely run by volunteers to enhance the local area and promote healthy activities for all age groups within the community; and Manningham Mills Sports and Community Association who work hard to bring together people from different cultures and religions and to promote equal opportunities within sport locally.

The Mayor spoke of how impressed he was with the campaign and encouraged more local groups to apply.

He said: “I think this is a fantastic initiative and am really impressed with how creative the team has been in attracting interest – this grass living room is great! There are many local groups who work hard to make their local communities more enjoyable for others and they rarely ask for help. Help is now on offer and I’d encourage as many groups as possible to apply as there’s 160 pots of £500 to go at”.

Jenny Murphy from the Grassroots Giving team said: “The pop up living room was a bit of fun to illustrate that charity really does start at home and to give people the chance to rest their weary feet and find out about the appeal. There’s been some strong entries already from across Yorkshire but there’s still room for more. With only 4 weeks left till the closing date we want to make sure as many people as possible take up this opportunity!”

As part of this activity we are also launching a free set of resources to help support community groups and voluntary organisations in a range of areas from gaining funding to recruiting volunteers. More information about these can be found at /free-resources/

Better Society nomination

Skipton Building Society has been shortlisted for a Commitment to the Local Community Award for its Grassroots Giving programme.

The society’s community-funding scheme Grassroots Giving, which picked up two key awards in 2015 with Mortgage Finance Gazette and Corporate Engagement Awards, and has now been put forward for the Better Society Awards.

Grassroots Giving was launched in 2013 to celebrate the society’s 160th birthday and since then has donated a total of £241,500 to hundreds of small neighbourhood groups across the country. The scheme will be running again in 2016, this time giving £500 pots to 163 groups.

Roy Prenton, of Skipton’s Grassroots Giving team, said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted in the Better Society Awards. Grassroots Giving has already helped hundreds of small community gropups which might not normally attract any funding and we are looking forward to launching it in 2016.”

Organised by the Better Society Network and now in its second successful year, the Better Society Awards reach out beyond the horizons of any one sector to assess and reward those who are helping create a better, more equal, ethical and sustainable world from the corporate perspective.  

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner on 12 May 2016 at the Millennium Hotel, London Mayfair.

Grassroots Giving Scoops Gold Award!

Yorkshire triumphs over global brands at Corporate Engagement Awards:

Skipton Building Society’s commitment to corporate social responsibility was recognised last week at the prestigious Corporate Engagement Awards, held at The London Marriott Grosvenor Square.

At a ceremony hosted by Viv Groskop – journalist, writer and comedian, the team shone in the national arena taking home gold for its Grassroots Giving initiative, winning the top trophy for ‘Best alignment of brand values during a CSR programme’, in a category contested by the likes of IKEA and Vision Express.

The judges commented that: ‘Skipton Building Society has affirmed a strong commitment to the local community through another successful year of its Grassroots Giving campaign. A great alignment – a stand out entry, well done!”

The campaign report noted: “With a PR campaign reaching over 8.4m people and extensive editorial and social media coverage giving a voice to hundreds of unsung local heroes Skipton Building Society is championing its community and its ethos; helping people to help themselves.”

Launched in 2013 as part of the society’s 160th anniversary celebrations, Grassroots Giving has helped more than 300 community organisations fund ongoing and future projects (with another 162 to benefit this year), specifically targeting groups too small to apply for major grants. The element that attracted the judges attention however was the additional non financial support that Skipton has also provided, and continues to provide, through media relations and social media exposure of the groups, access to a unique collaborative online social network that helps small organisations connect for mutual benefit, and free guides on managing voluntary groups.

Roy Prenton, Corporate Communications Consultant at Skipton Building Society said: “As a mutual, we’re thrilled that with this award the Society has been recognised for holding our values true to our CSR activity. We have been inundated with feedback on the Grassroots Giving programme and it’s fantastic for our customers and non customers alike to appreciate our commitment to helping our local neighbourhoods”.

Grassroots Giving 2015 is now at voting stage where the shortlisted groups need the public’s backing to help them become this year’s winners. Voting takes place at as well as in Skipton branches across the UK, and runs until 14th October.

The Corporate Engagement Awards programme was established by Communicate magazine, the UK’s leading publication for corporate communications. The awards is the UK’s only dedicated celebration for CSR programmes and sponsorships and the communications around those collaborations.