Grassroots Giving Shortlist

Votes have been counted…

This year, as Skipton Building Society celebrates its 160th anniversary, we’ve allocated 160 donations of £500 to help fund development for grassroots organisations in our communities.

It’s important to us to give back and we’re excited by the thousands of organisations, run by local people up and down the country, committed to making our communities better. We want to show our support.

The process

Upon receiving your application we’ll check your submission alongside our criteria.

If you meet our criteria, and score well against what we’re looking for, you’ll be shortlisted by our head office team. We’ll be shortlisting by region, to cover the whole of the UK, and organising entries by area – however, there is no limit to how many applicants we can have in each region – the more the merrier.

Later this summer, we’ll post the names of those shortlisted on this website and invite people to vote for the applicants whom they would most like to see receive the 160 donations of £500.

This is when you need to get your supporters on board!

It’s going to be an exciting summer, with a flurry of social media tweets and posts urging voters to support their favourite community applicants, before the final closing date of 30th September 2013 when votes will be counted and verified.

Criteria for applicants

The idea behind our Grassroots Giving campaign is to help community organisations, or groups, who only have access to limited funding from elsewhere. For this reason, registered charities will not be able to request funding via Grassroots Giving. (The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundationhas already been set up as a bespoke funding stream for charities.)

To summarise, applications to support the following will not be eligible for funding:

  • Rent and/or maintenance of a property
  • Expeditions, holidays or travel programmes
  • UK centres for overseas projects
  • Projects which are normally the responsibility of other organisations such as the NHS or local government
  • Medical research and medical equipment
  • Animal welfare
  • Party political activities
  • Promotion of religious causes
  • Running costs including: rent, insurance, employee wages, expenses and training of volunteers
  • Direct costs of fundraising events, including: paying for food, drink, room hire, promotional goods or other direct elements of a fundraising event or activities
  • Loans or business finance
  • Requests to cover the costs of travel expenses or sponsorship of events
  • Individuals and students not part of a wider group
  • Groups that have an annual net profit of more than £10,000
  • Activities taking place outside of the UK

Judging your application

Our team at Skipton will be sifting through all of your Grassroots Giving applications and reading each one very carefully. We shall be looking for applications from organisations or groups that show a real commitment to their local community. In reviewing all submissions for funding, we shall consider which requests in our opinion offer “the greatest chance to progress ideas and activities with a lasting impact.”

If your application can demonstrate a lasting impact, you will be helping to build a legacy for your community project. That’s why we are asking for clear details on how you’d use your £500 to establish results for the long-term.

This means that we shall favour requests for long-term gain over one-off events or activities. To give you an idea, we view sponsorship of team football shirts, or an event held over one weekend, or an expedition, or funding a sole individual, as “one-off” activities. Of course, these kinds of activities are very worthy in themselves, and Skipton Building Society has backed many such projects over the years, however they will not meet the Grassroots Giving criteria for funding.

When the closing date of 31st July 2013 arrives, we shall create a shortlist of entries that meet our criteria. The applications will be placed into regional groups. Each application will be summarised and posted on this website in August.

At which point, it’s over to the nation to vote! This will be your chance to galvanise your supporters into action to get voting online.

The idea of opening up the voting process to the nation is to enable local communities to back their favourite projects. We view a national voting system as the fairest way to choose which applicants will receive our Grassroots Giving.

The winners will be announced this autumn and, of course, we’ll bring you news stories of regional applications as they unfold.