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As we celebrate or 160th birthday, we reveal the special relationship that our colleagues and customers have shared with the Society over the years…

Proud Parents applaud “Youngster of the Year”

Parents, Lynda and Andrew Whitton, both work for the IT Department at the Society’s head office in Skipton. As Lynda explains: “We love working for Skipton, because we’re part of a fantastic, supportive team of people. What’s more, this team spirit has helped us on a personal level too. Our colleagues mounted a superhuman effort to raise £96,000 to send our young son, Evan, to the United Stated for a life-changing operation.”

Evan, aged 8, has cerebral palsy. “Without this treatment, which wasn’t available at the time in the UK (and still isn’t, without funding) he would never have taken his first steps. He’s now achieved the amazing milestone of walking totally independently around our home, thanks to everyone’s fundraising and support,” adds Lynda.

In November 2012, Evan was chosen as “Youngster of the Year” at the Yorkshire Young Achiever Awards. In fact, 2012 was something of a milestone year for Evan, who was also chosen to carry the Olympic Torch along part of its route in Yorkshire. Evan is pictured here with his proud mum and dad, sister Maya and brother Sam.

Thanks Mum!

Brian Stott works for our Business Projects team, which spearheads continuous improvements. He has worked for the Society for over 37 years and has mum to thank for the introduction.

“My mum, Muriel, opened my first savings account with the Society when I was growing up in the austere 1950s,” explains Brian. “This taught me the value of money and, of course, I’ve been a member ever since. I’m proud to work for an organisation which encourages youngsters to save towards a more secure financial future, in the same way that my mum encouraged me to save.”

“My very first job involved reviewing old investment account application forms. Amazingly, I stumbled upon the very form that my mum filled in for my first account back in 1958. Needless to say, it raised a few smiles around the office!”

It’s a family affair.

Belonging to the Society is a family affair for the Newsomes. When Angela and David Newsome’s triplets Laura, Emma and Ryan were four years old (pictured here) the couple visited their local Skipton branch in Cleckheaton to open a savings account. Out came the piggy bank, which was emptied of coins.

“When Ryan handed over the coins and received a passbook in return he started crying. Naturally, this set the girls off and the branch was soon resounding to desperate wailing. They clearly thought that the naughty lady behind the counter had taken their money away for good!”

“Thankfully, they got the hang of it and have all carried on saving with the Society ever since. I’m grateful for the personal support Skipton offers families like us with our finances,” says Angela.